Nori Collective

A traumagenic median system


A collective of multiple personality aspects living in one body, formed thanks to a traumatic past.

"What do you mean by median?"

Median to us means 'between one and multiple'.
It is a wide range of different conditions where one doesn't exactly feel like 'one' but not 'numerous' either.


17 years old, born in August
Cis female
Born in Finland


Nori is the core personality, the 'original' one that the body was born with.
Nori identifies with the Body.
She is 17 and ages with the Body.
Nori has moderate depression & generalized anxiety disorder + suspected BPD.
Nori currently goes through dialectical behavioral therapy.

Nori as a personality is spontaneous, realistic and has a low stress tolerance.


? is an adult personality.
they/them & it
It identifies as masculine neutrois.
Not much is known about ? at this given time.
It is often co-conscious with others, but doesn't front on its own.

? as a personality is very anxious yet caring.


Lena is an ageless, nonhuman personality.
She identifies as a cis female.
Lena writes in perfect grammar and punctuation.
She refuses to speak our native language.
Lena enjoys poetry, romance and fashion.

Lena as a personality is curious, bubbly and a bit of a know-it-all.
She is also very active and loves to work.


Ryou is a 13-16 year old personality.
Any pronouns
They are very impulsive and often don't watch their words or actions.
They are most affected by our traumas.
Ryou enjoys neon colors, bracelets and harajuku fashion.
They dress decora and neoncore.


Lynne is a preteen personality.
Lynne is very bubbly, childish and shy.
Lynne likes the nickname Lynn.
She likes bees, pastel colors and playing Minecraft.